Our Story

Great taste for a Greater Good

Started in 2008 by Wayne Shive, Best Boy & Company was created as a vehicle to give back. As a successful retired entrepreneur and self-proclaimed kitchen "tinkerer," Wayne began to develop condiment recipes that he gave to friends and family. Encouraged by them to start selling these premium condiments to the masses, Wayne decided to use his business acumen to develop Best Boy & Company.  However, unlike his other business endeavors, Wayne's vision for Best Boy was to give 100% of profits back to charity.  With this goal in mind, Wayne grew the condiment lines to include award-winning mustards, dessert sauces, BBQ sauces, spice rubs and hot sauces.  His profits went to benefit kids and families around the globe with contributions to the American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, the Enough Project and the International Crisis Group.

In 2018, Wayne decided that it was time to hang up his apron for good and actually retire. With his adult children settled out of state, he longed to go for extended visits and see sites he'd never seen.  Still dedicated to benefiting kids and families and wanting to satisfy his hungry discriminating customers, Wayne set out to find someone to take over the business who would not only build on the tradition of great food but also someone who understood the need to give back.

Wayne found that in current owner, Kathy Pedrotti Hays.

As a curious cook, Kathy expanded her culinary skills and tastes while honed in on the local and national food scene.  As a professional, Kathy had a career that was dedicated to charitable giving, working in nonprofits as well as consulting with them. When Wayne approached Kathy with this idea, she decided that it was time to start "walking the walk" by owning a business dedicated to giving back. Kathy's goal for Best Boy is to grow the company’s reach with the intent of extending our charitable giving.  Best Boy's charitable interest remains with benefiting kids and families through local organizations that help with health, safety and self-sufficiency.   

Who is Best Boy?

Best Boy was named for Wayne's dog, James.  Since Wayne has retired, so has James. Kathy's Labrador Retriever, Buddy is the Best Boy in Training. He has big paws to fill but is doing a great job.