Thank You SO Very Much! January 22 2016, 0 Comments

I want to thank Lynn Altevogt and Chad Ryan for the wonderful article and photos that appeared in

Thursday’s Journal Gazette. When an article is being written about you one can get a little apprehensive

as you don’t get the opportunity to see the draft, add to, subtract from or comment on. The first you see

it is when it hits the newsstand.

I want everyone to know that these two and the staff at the Journal did a great job and I am very happy

with the results. They were perfect in presenting, not only our imperative that the products be of the

highest quality but emphasized our mission of pledging 100% of our profits to charities serving families

and children everywhere.

Great Job Lynn, Chad and the Journal Gazette.


Great Taste for a Greater Good.

Wayne Shive

Best Boy & Co.