Meet the 3 NEW Ladies! April 08 2014, 0 Comments

Meet the NEW Ladies!

Get ready- warm days are a coming and Best Boy has some new goodness to share. We have expanded our savory side with three new hot sauces.  These ladies are the Redhead, the Blonde and the Brunette.


Each type is unique and special in its flavor profile and culinary attitude.  The Redhead is our all-purpose sauce.  I call it the hot sauce for those who don't think they like hot sauce.  The Blonde is our spiciest offering.  The addition of coconut water and apple puree keeps it spicy without being stupid spicy.  The Brunette is the exotic one.  Made with two kinds of smoke dried peppers, cocoa and agave this sauce will make you wonder where it's been all your life.


Like all Best Boy products these sauces have no preservatives, additives or unnatural ingredients.



Best Boy's Deli-Mustard has been a great hit.  It could be the best mustard in the universe!  This stone ground delicacy is made with only five ingredients but delivers a complex and robust flavor to any sandwich or recipe.  The secret is in the soaking and aging.

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